Below is the nationwide snapshot of JLWOP sentences, which you can also download in PDF form.

(Beneath the map you’ll find information about the data on which it is based.)

The data behind the map

The Current Number of JLWOP Sentences is in flux and complicated to discern, so please contact us if you have additional information about a jurisdiction. This number was calculated by adding the number of people:

(a) who were originally sentenced to JLWOP and are facing the possibility of JLWOP at pending Miller resentencing hearings,

(b) who have been resentenced to JLWOP at Miller resentencings (or who had a JLWOP sentence prior to Miller but were denied a Miller resentencing for case-specific reasons), and

(c) who have been sentenced to JLWOP in new cases since Miller (if known).

If the number of people in category (c) is not known in a state, we indicate this with an asterisk * at the end of the description.  We will periodically update these numbers.

Note: Some of the LWOP sentences counted in the Current Number figure are on appeal and thus could still be vacated by appellate courts.  In addition, as noted, this figure includes cases where resentencing has not yet occurred—the individual is simply exposed to the possibility of LWOP at resentencing and may not receive it.

This data addresses only JLWOP sentences and does not include information about other lengthy sentences imposed on children. The data was collected through legal research, public records requests and interviews with attorneys.